Enjoying food (preparation and eating) is a tradition that runs deep on both sides of my family. Marrying into my husband’s family solidified my love of people who love the production of food. Our traditions are different, but my new family rallies around special meal customs, all the same. 

Holidays & Food

Sunday was the first Easter I did not share the table with my extended family. My heart hurt and I experienced moments of immense sadness. However, it was good to reflect on the long family ties I have with food and the loving hands who have prepared it throughout my life.

Gramma Irene, my maternal grandmother, would spend hours just on Easter pie preparations. Remembering her Easter spread, I’m convinced it took her days to get the meal ready. A few years after she passed away, my cousin, Lynelle, created the Cherished Family Recipes cookbook with all Gramma’s important recipes. 

Passing on Food Traditions

When I was in my early twenties, my mom and my cousins, Pam and Diane, put together a cookbook for my dad’s side of the family because we wanted our family recipes at our finger tips. Several family members submitted recipes that were tried-and-true favorites. I still chuckle when I think of the “Chow Mein for 200” recipe submitted; yes, we love to feed the masses! The title is: A Family Cookbook Because… These are People Who Like to Eat.

I am blessed to have chosen family – family friends who are woven into our lives through generations and acts of love. In college, “Gramma” Reuss included me when she gave all her granddaughters a recipe box with her special recipes. The “favorite sugar cookie” recipe always reminds me of the Easter cookies she made, delicately decorated, and gifted us every year.

Food for Thought

In the last several years, I have been thinking more about the food I’m eating. How is it made? What is in it? Where is it grown? What is it packaged in? How can I carry on my family traditions in a responsible and mindful way? It is important to me that the foods produced at the Bakery are GOOD. My family tradition and current consciousness of ingredients resulted in this company value: Good Food. 

Good Food –  Sabbatical Vibrations values the simplicity of exceptional handmade goods, created with fresh, recognizable ingredients from quality suppliers. Good food should be enjoyed mindfully. We strive to WOW your taste buds and tug on your heart strings.  

Our promise is to review ingredients to minimize preservatives and additives, wherever possible. We strive to use clean ingredients and chose quality over quantity. It is also important to us to encourage you to enjoy your food mindfully. (We are excited to share our mindful eating instructions with your orders!) And, of course, our foods are prepared with passion and heart. 

What does good food look like to you? What are some things you would like us to consider? Comment below.