Meet Your Facilitator

Sarah Nelson, Founder of Sabbatical Vibrations, is pleased to facilitate your retreat. Her sabbatical in 2019 sparked her passion for sharing the gift of sabbatical with others.

Sarah studied social work in college and became licensed through the state of Minnesota. Although her social work career never took off, she spent several years in management, training, and human resources, enjoying the “people side” of business. After completing some graduate coursework in Strategic Leadership, Sarah became interested in coaching others. She completed an executive coaching certification in 2020 and is working toward her accreditation through the International Coaching Federation.

In 2002, Sarah was first introduced to formal mindfulness practices at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. Over the last two decades, living a life of presence has become her aim. During her nine-month non-traditional sabbatical, Sarah pursued professional and personal growth, including extensive research and the practice of mindfulness.

“I am passionate about how living in mind-body-spirit connection can transform you. I have experienced the peace that comes when my mind, body, and spirit are centered. Let me help you on the journey!” ~ Sarah Nelson

What Clients Are Saying

“I highly recommend anyone that has a job where things change on a day to day basis or your stress level is high, to attend one or more of her retreats. You’ll learn some amazing skills that can help you to be a better employee, manager or co-worker.”

– Kelly

“This retreat was an eye-opening experience that offers insightful and non-judgmental guidance in helping us recognize that it’s okay to put ourselves first, it’s okay that we have flaws, and that we deserve to treat ourselves compassionately.”

– Anonymous