Born out of Sabbatical

Founder of Sabbatical Vibrations, Sarah Nelson, shares the story behind her businesses…

In 2019 I took a sabbatical, leaving my job with the intention to step back and refocus my career. The sabbatical spanned nine months and was a transformative chapter in my life.

I never thought I would take this kind of time away from work. Financial insecurity and resume sabotage were both situations I worked hard to avoid as an adult. Yet, something was prodding me to pause. And I listened to the call.

During my sabbatical, I focused on hobbies I have always enjoyed (baking and art), cultivated personal growth (through reading, meditation, and exercise), and addressed deep-seated beliefs that my worth was tied to my career and what I accomplished in a day.

While I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do, at times it was painful not to work. Yet, I am grateful for the opportunity to wrestle with and cultivate a sabbatical mindset.

After years of striving for a healthy lifestyle for my mind, body and spirit separately, I witnessed the transformation happening when I intertwined health in the three areas of mind, body, and spirit. My intention was to find a balance that was sustainable (at least in some ratio) when I resumed traditional work.

I was given the gift of sabbatical that many people may not receive in their lifetime. It was an incredible experience which changed the trajectory of my life. Toward the end of my sabbatical, I began to sense a different call…

How could I share this with others?

I want to share this feeling, this movement, this gift with YOU! Chances are, you are living in the chaos of society which begs for more of your time and attention every day. You deserve reprieve and respite in your life.

I hope what I have learned and experienced during my sabbatical will vibrate into your life, grounding you and inviting you to experience mind-body-spirit wholeness.

Sabbatical Vibrations is the resonating experience after a break in work. Whether that break is mindfully enjoying a pastry from the bakery or taking a mini-retreat to help encourage a sabbatical mindset in your life, Sabbatical Vibrations was created for YOU!

I envision a retreat space where you can come to receive a time of peace and sabbath, a time to be present in baking, creating or moving, and to fill your “cup”. I want to give information and resources for mindfulness in daily living and encourage you to slow down and enjoy the present, even if it’s only for five minutes.

Our Values

Our Bakery and Retreats share these values. They express our beliefs and how we strive to conduct our business and our interactions with you. We believe practicing each of our values is mind*body*spirit connection.

Grace  – We strive for perfection, knowing few things in life are perfect. When you spend time with us, we want you to come as you are. We value acceptance of imperfection and forgiveness.

Good Food – Sabbatical Vibrations values the simplicity of exceptional handmade goods, created with fresh, recognizable ingredients from quality suppliers. Good Food should be enjoyed mindfully. We strive to WOW your taste buds and tug on your heart strings.

Creative Expression  – As far as we are concerned, every person is creative. Sabbatical Vibrations values fostering space and time to listen with your heart and express freely.

Story Sharing  – We value the pricelessness of story sharing. Exchanging stories gives meaning to life, fosters belonging, connects the past to the present, and gives hope for the future.

Mindfulness  – Mindfulness is woven into our organization. We value being present, with intention, through the lifecycle of our products: during planning, creation, interaction with you, and long after our interactions. We believe the change that mindfulness brings to our lives (us + you) IS the vibration that nurtures mind*body*spirit wholeness.