Wrapping up our values

What a pleasure to share Sabbatical Vibrations’ values over the last few weeks! Company values are crucial. They are more than just a buzzword or catchy phrase thrown out in conversation. Values are the driving forces of business decisions and help move toward the vision. 

Our vision is to create a transformational space for everyday people 
to experience the vibrations of mindfulness and whole-person living.

Are you surprised that mindfulness is one of our values? Mindfulness is woven into our organization. We value being present, with intention, through the lifecycle of our products: during planning, creation, interaction with you, and long after our interactions. We believe the change that mindfulness brings to our lives (us + you) IS the vibration that nurtures mind-body-spirit wholeness.

Diving into Mindfulness

The Oxford Dictionary defines mindfulness as “the quality or state of being” or better yet, “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment”. Mindfulness is all about being present, aware, and engaged in what is going on around us. Our goal is to incorporate mindfulness in everything we do at Sabbatical Vibrations. 

One of the unique elements of our bakery is the tie to mindfulness. Yes, we produce some amazingly delicious baked goods; AND we want you to enjoy the experience of eating them. Our encouragement is to be present with your food. Experience the sensations. Savor the flavor. Savor the moment. We are excited to share our mindful eating instructions with every special order purchase. It is equally important to us to be aware of our carbon footprint. We have mindfully chosen eco-friendly packaging (compostable bags and labels, as well as recyclable boxes and bags.) 

We love dreaming of and working on planning our future retreats. It is exhilarating! The experience is intended to give you an opportunity to be present and enjoy the moment, while also encouraging you to continue mindful practices after you leave. By bringing awareness into planning and implementation, we believe the experience will be laced with tranquility. 

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

When we chose to live mindfully, we chose to be nurtured by the present. Mindful living invites us to live in mind-body-spirit wholeness. What a lovely invitation! 

This article published by the American Psychological Association notes some of the benefits of mindfulness:

  • reduced rumination
  • reduced stress
  • increased memory
  • cognitive flexibility and focus
  • relationship satisfaction
  • self-insight
  • increased immune functioning

Does that sound like the road to whole-person living to you?

The connection of mind-body-spirit is something our society has avoided for decades, arguably centuries. We are constantly demanded to multitask and produce more, leaving little room for being present or truly connected. 

All of Sabbatical Vibrations’ values ask us to be present and/or intentional. We hope the values that drive us will help illuminate a path to wholeness and encourage you along the way.