“It is creativity which points us to new paths, new ways of seeing and solving, and which offers us inspiration from both the inside and the outside. Creative expression is rooted in the capacities for observation, discovery, imagination, and courage. It wakes us up, challenges us, and enriches all of life.” (The Gratefulness Team, Gratefulness.org)

When working on solidifying the values of Sabbatical Vibrations, I knew it was important to include something to do with creativity. 

From an early age, I have been drawn to art in the form of expression; I love creating. I have memories of being three and four years old, dressing up in my Gramma Irene’s old high heeled shoes, playing Vanna White while my mom watched Wheel of Fortune. It’s not surprising that Drama Club, Speech, One-Act, musical productions and Choir were a significant part of my life. Expressing through theatre and music is therapeutic and energizing for me. 

Anyone who has spent time in my home throughout my life would attest I am surrounded by self-created artwork. Oil pastel figures in junior high, acrylic and oil painting during college, magazine clipped word collages, and nature photography from my adult travels have lined my the walls of my space for years. Give me any kind of art supplies and a few hours, and my heart moves, illustrates, and speaks. 

Ask me about how moving my body is creative expression and I could go on for hours! The rhythms of mundane house chores, variations of walking speeds, awkward yoga poses, baking and cooking, and my love of dancing are all ways of inspiration, discovery and expression. 

So, when we talk about Creative Expression as a value, we want creativity to drive the business. As far as we are concerned, every person is creative. Sabbatical Vibrations values fostering space and time to listen with your heart and express freely.  

We are constantly looking for ways to bring creativity into our baked goods. It’s important to us to offer unique, inspired, and original options on our menu. Whether it’s the ingredients, the process, or the final product, we strive to incorporate creative expression. One of our goals is that you experience the energy of creativity when you enjoy our products. For this reason, you’ll find only specialty items on our menu. 

As we look forward to our future retreats, the value of create expression is crucial. We believe that all are welcome, no matter your skill level. While we recognize that not everyone may be interested in our offerings, we believe the creative process should be open to everyone. 

The quote at the beginning of this post illustrates our feelings on creative expression: it is courageous, challenging and enriching. Our hope is that this value will help us help YOU to experience an enriched life!